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Its plain and simple. The Flyers deserved the win in their Eastern Conference Series against the Canadiens. If the Capitals or the Penguins had won their series against the Habs, I would have said that they did NOT deserve it. The reason the Flyers won and deserved to win is because that team took the Habs seriously. The Penguins and Capitals just thought of the Canadiens as just another 8th seedeed team. The Flyers thought of them as a franchise who had won 24 Stanley Cups, and had nothing to lose. They adapted to the Canadiens style of play and made the Canadiens suffer in the series. The Capitals and Penguins played their style of game and let the Habs rush through the zone with speed. The Flyers were physical in their defensive zone, and pushed the Candiens against the wall. They were the only opponent who knew the true skill of the Canadiens and took them very seriously. I always thought also that the Canadiens would have trouble in this series because they could no longer relish that role of  " Underdog ".

I do believe that the Flyers will fall to the Blackhawks, but i must give them credit for having an amazing character and for doing what they did against the Devils, Bruins and Canadiens. I hope they can keep-up with the Blackhawks, because they are at a whole different level then the Habs were.

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