Brotherly Love?

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Hmm, trying to understand where Philadelphia could have gotten the name " The City of Brotherly Love". I just cannot figure it out. Ahh, wait, i got it, they were probably named that because they vandalize Montreal Journalists vehicles. There is nothing like slashing tires, smashing headlights and stealing license plates that says " Brotherly Love". I think that what those Flyers fans did was awful and doesn't deserve one ounce of respect. Yes, fans in Montreal did riot, but to purposely vandalize the cars of MONTREAL journalists i find is extreme. Now, one thing that i did not like to hear but i did find quite intimidating and mocking in a good way, was the Flyers fans singing " Ole, Ole". That was more insulting, i found, then the actual score. So i have to say good job on the cheer to Philly fans, but the vandalism is just wrong, and sad. Anyways, thanks for reading.


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